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Indexed Benchmark Change Request Process

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Indexed Benchmark Change Request Process


Social Housing Benchmarks - Background

In 2005, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing had worked with a cross-industry advisory group to establish cost and revenue benchmarks that were critical to determining the annual subsidy levels payable by Service Managers to prescribed non-profit and co-operative housing providers under the Social Housing Reform Act, 2000 (SHRA).

Benchmarks for all 868 applicable social housing developments were released to their housing providers and service managers in 2006 when formal benchmarks were first introduced.

The SHRA funding model was subsequently modified and that modified funding model has been substantially continued under the new Housing Services Act, 2011 (HSA).

Ongoing Benchmark Change Request Process

Occasionally, the defining long-term circumstance behind certain benchmarks will change for various reasons. An example might be a housing provider that is no longer able to charge for parking, resulting in a significant loss of non-rental revenue. Alternatively, that housing provider may have significantly expanded parking capacity producing a significant ongoing increase in non-rental revenue.

In order to accommodate these changes, the Ministry has developed an Indexed Benchmark Change Request Process that will allow for a change to specific indexed operating cost benchmarks and specific indexed revenue benchmarks. Although, under the new HSA, there is no mandatory requirement for a housing provider to update its indexed benchmarks in accordance with operational changes, there are now provisions under the new Ontario Regulation 369/11 which authorize the Minister to change certain indexed benchmark amounts after consulting with both the housing provider and the service manager. A change request application may now be submitted by either the housing provider or the Service Manager whenever there are significant changes in the housing provider’s operational circumstances. This will help to ensure that the subsidy formula can continue to accurately reflect those operational circumstances.

How to Submit your Benchmark Change Request

Any provider or Service Manager wishing to request an indexed benchmark change should:

  1. First ensure that the provider and Service Manager have discussed the request with each other and that both are copied on all submissions. The Ministry will need to discuss the request with both parties in any event.
  2. Complete and submit the application form and attach or forward any additional information that is required to support and lend clarity to the request. For submissions by housing providers, please ensure the form has been signed by someone with the authority to act on behalf of the housing provider corporation.

How Will the Review be Conducted?

Ministry staff will review each indexed benchmark change request submission. In doing so, Staff will need to confirm:

  1. The relative support for the change request by both the Service Manager and the provider before proceeding to a final decision. 
  2. The underlying need for the change through the submission materials and ensure that the proposed changes are consistent with the legislated requirements and the original principles under which these benchmarks were initially developed in 2006.

See benchmarking Qs&As if you have any further questions concerning this program.