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Ontario Mortgage and Housing Corporation

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The Ontario Mortgage and Housing Corporation (OMHC) is a classified operational agency established under the Ontario Mortgage and Housing Corporation Act (OMHC Act).  As a result of amendments to the OMHC Act and the Housing Development Act (HDA) which came into force on April 1, 2015, another provincial agency, the Ontario Mortgage Corporation (OMC), was dissolved and its assets, liabilities, rights and obligations were transferred to OMHC.

The OMHC is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by Order in Council, as recommended by the Minister.  The Board reports to the Minister of Housing.

The OMHC, formerly known as the Ontario Housing Corporation, carries out certain financial obligations associated with public housing and is also responsible for the administration of legacy loans that were formerly the responsibility of the OMC.

Specifically, the OMHC mandate includes:

  1. administration of public housing debt to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the Province;
  2. administration of loans to colleges and universities; 
  3. administration of contingent liabilities related to loan insurance agreements with CMHC for provincially funded non-profit housing programs; 
  4. administration of the Affordable Home Ownership Program, including administration of the Affordable Home Ownership Revolving Loan Fund;  
  5. managing and administering Affordable Home Ownership Program mortgages transferred to it by Minister's Order in accordance with the OMHC Act; 
  6. using the monies in the Affordable Home Ownership Revolving Loan Fund and the monies received under the transferred Affordable Home Ownership Program mortgages, including interest earned on the monies, only for housing purposes in accordance with a Minister approved by-law; 
  7. administration of such housing programs, or parts of housing programs, as may be prescribed under the OMHC Act, including making grants and loans related to such prescribed programs and taking security for such loans; 
  8. managing the marketable and forgivable loans and mortgages that were owned by the OMC prior to its dissolution and that were transferred to OMHC on April 1, 2015; 
  9. making housing related loans, grants, guarantees or advances in accordance with the OMHC Act and the HDA; 
  10. carrying out building developments as defined under the HDA in accordance with the OMHC Act and the HDA;  
  11. coordinating and arranging all borrowing, financing, short-term investment of funds and financial risk management activities through the Ontario Financing Authority, unless the Minister of Finance approves otherwise; and 
  12. subject to applicable legislation, such other matters which are within OMHC's statutory mandate as may be assigned to, or may have been assigned to OMHC by the Minister, which are within OMHC's statutory mandate.

Information on OMHC governance is available on the website of the Public Appointments Secretariat.


The Ontario Mortgage and Housing Corporation does not incur travel, meal or hospitality expenses as they are not required to fulfill the mandate of the agency.

Mandate Letter, 2018-2019 

Annual Report, 2016-2017

Three-Year Business Plan, 2018-2021

Memorandum of Understanding, 2016

  • An accessible version of the OMHC Memorandum of Understanding, 2016 is available on request.