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The Strong Communities Through Affordable Housing Act, 2011 is the foundation for Ontario’s long-term commitment to affordable housing. It represents a renewed partnership with municipalities based on clear roles and responsibilities. The Act includes a wide range of actions to improve the affordable housing system, including amendments to the Planning Act. The amendments provide municipalities with enhanced land use planning tools to support the creation of second units and garden suites. [Click on the link below for information regarding existing tools]

The changes to the Planning Act relating to Section 2 provincial interests and garden suites came into effect on May 4, 2011. The changes for second units came into effect on January 1, 2012.

Amendments to the Planning Act: The Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2011 amended the Planning Act to: [click on each link for more information]

Existing Municipal Tools Supporting Affordable Housing: Municipalities have a range of land use planning and financial tools to help promote a full range of housing types. This includes affordable housing to meet the housing needs in a community. Further information on these tools is provided in the Municipal Tools for Affordable Housing handbook.

The Municipal Tools for Affordable Housing handbook identifies a range of land use planning and financial tools that municipalities can use to support the development of affordable housing within their communities. It demonstrates why affordable housing is of community-wide importance, with positive benefits from economic competitiveness, health, education and overall well-being. The handbook is designed to assist municipal councillors, decision-makers, planners, policy makers, developers, consultants, housing and community groups, not-for-profit organizations and others. It will also be useful to those interested in promoting housing choices so that their communities meet the full range of housing needs.