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Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy

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Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update

Updating the strategy

The government’s update to the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy reflects new research and best practices that support Ontario’s transformation towards a better housing system. 

Ontario is making several investments to achieve the vision of a province where:

Every person has an affordable, suitable and adequate home to provide the foundation to secure employment, raise a family and build strong communities. 


Building on the 2016 Ontario Budget investment of $178 million over three years, the government is making a long-term commitment to stable funding that will continue its transformation of the housing system. 

  • Survivors of Domestic Violence Pilot Project: investing more than $17 million over three years to pilot a portable housing benefit targeted towards survivors of domestic violence that would eventually assist up to 3,000 survivors, growing from $2.5 million in 2016/17 to $10 million in 2018/19
  • Supportive Housing: investing up to $100 million in operating funding for housing allowances and support services to assist up to 4,000 families and individuals in new supportive housing over the next three years; and supporting the construction of up to 1,500 new supportive housing units over the long term, with operating assistance eventually assisting up to 6,000 households
  • Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative: building on our current annual investment of almost $294 million in funding for the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative with $15 million in additional funding in 2017-18, climbing to $30 million in 2018-19, for a total of $324 million in annual investments.
  • Innovation, Evidence and Capacity Building Fund: investing up to $2.5 million over three years to create an Innovation, Evidence and Capacity Building Fund to support research, evaluation and capacity building initiatives  

Program updates

Elements of the updated strategy include:

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