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The Building Code Act, 1992 requires that the following individuals and firms responsible for activities regulated under the Act be qualified and registered:

  • Building officials (chief building officials, supervisors, managers, plans examiners, inspectors -- including on-site sewage system inspectors, fire protection inspectors)
  • Certain classes of designers
  • On-site sewage system installers
  • Registered Code Agencies (private companies hired by municipalities to conduct inspections)

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Building Code Training

To help ensure construction in our communities is safe and efficient, municipal building officials, builders, design professionals and other Building Code users require a high calibre of expertise and knowledge of the Building Code. Those involved in the enforcement of the Building Code Act, 1992 and Building Code as well as people involved in the design and supervision of construction must also keep up-to–date on the Building Code and understand current requirements.

By agreement with the ministry, Building Code training is developed by George Brown College. The College is responsible for updating, developing and delivering training courses and self-study manuals under the 2012 Building Code.   George Brown College partners with other colleges and groups such as Ontario Building Officials Association who also provide training ensuring this service can be delivered close to where you live.

Although not mandatory, these training opportunities support building practitioners wishing to take Building Code examinations. The successful completion of these examinations is required to become qualified and registered under the Building Code Act, 1992.  Building Code training also supports professional development in the building sector. 

Building Code Examinations

An individual must successfully complete the examination program related to their area of practice to become qualified. This typically involves successfully completing one or more examinations.  Building Code examinations are delivered by Humber College on-line and in test centres across the province. 

Humber’s responsibility for Building Code examination registration and hosting applies where an individual wishes to take an examination for the first time.

To apply to write an examination you will need a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN). Anyone writing a Building Code examination for the first time will require a BCIN in order to register for an examination with Humber College.  

For those with no internet access, a BCIN Application Form - [PDF] can be submitted by mail.

Apply through Humber College to write a Building Code examination.

Building practitioners will be notified by e-mail when their examination results will be available in QuARTS. Therefore, it is important that practitioners keep their personal information up-to-date.

If you do not have a username and password to access QuARTS, you may request one.

Note: Prospective candidates who want to write Building Code qualification examinations are advised to review the 2012 examination syllabi - [PDF]. The 2012 examination syllabi list topics that will be covered in each administrative and technical qualification examination.


Once an individual or their firm have successfully completed their appropriate examination program, they are able to register their qualification(s) with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

In addition, for certain design firms and registered code agencies, registration with the Ministry requires evidence of insurance.  Beginning, January 1, 2015, practitioners required to carry evidence of insurance must use the Ministry’s standard insurance form - [PDF].

For more information on registration requirements for individual building practitioners or firms, please refer to the examination program that corresponds to your practitioner class. 

Note:  Starting November 1, 2014, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing will ONLY accept registration applications and credit card payment online via QuARTS, or by mail with certified cheque or Money Order.

Register or update your qualifications on-line using QuARTS 

Note: Building practitioners who want to register or update their qualifications on-line will need a username and password to access their QuARTS account.

If you have your BCIN, but do not have a username and password, you may request one.

Alternatively, you may register by mail. Registration Forms can be printed, completed and returned to the Ministry by fax or mail.

Registration Forms