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BCC Ruling No. 93-6-362

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IN THE MATTER OF BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Ontario Building Code, O/Reg. 413/90 as amended

PART, Classification of Buildings.


In favour of the Respondent.

Regarding Furniture Gallery, 175 Dieppe Road, St. Catharines, Ontario.

It is the decision of the Building Code Commission that the occupancy classification for the new 3841 sq. ft. addition to a 16,365 sq. ft. existing building be an "E" mercantile occupancy.


  1. It is the intent of the Code that Group "E" mercantile occupancies be buildings and/or parts of buildings where the public can enter to view and/or purchase goods while Group "F-3" storage occupancies be buildings or parts of buildings where the general public is not permitted to enter.

  2. This building and the addition will be used as a showroom for furniture samples and orders will be taken from the general public.

  3. Since the area open to the public exceeds 10 percent of the total floor area, Group "E" becomes a major occupancy.