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BCC Ruling No. 93-10-366

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IN THE MATTER OF BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Ontario Building Code, O/Reg. 413/90 as amended

PARTS, Sentence


In favour of the Applicant.

Regarding St. James High School, 57 Victoria Road North, Guelph.

It is the decision of the Building Code Commission that there is sufficiency of compliance provided that the proposed horizontal extension of 1 hour fire protection to the roof structure from the south wall of the mezzanine and extended for a total of 13.650 m and that the fire protection be returned up to the underside of the roof deck at the north edge of the protection.


The requirement of a 6 m spatial seperation above the main floor as per the Code is met only beyond the north edge of the main floor bleachers.

DATED at Toronto this 10th day in the month of August in the year 1993 for application # 93-10-366 on behalf of the BUILDING CODE COMMISSION: