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BCC Ruling No. 93-15-371

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IN THE MATTER OF BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Ontario Building Code, O/Reg. 413/90 as amended


Sentence and Clause

Second floor public corridor open to adjacent ground floor space.


In favour of the Applicant.

Regarding Building A, 1550 South Gateway Road, Mississauga, Ontario.

It is the decision of the Building Code Commission that this matter of the 2nd floor corridor design which is a minimum of 2 metres in width, open to a two level interconnected floor space and separated from the tenant areas by a non-rated fire separation has sufficiency of compliance.


  1. The tenant areas on the second level are separated from the public corridor by a non-rated fire separation.

  2. The travel distance from any point in the public corridor to the exit stair is 45 metres.

  3. The building is protected by a central station supervised sprinkler system.

  4. The present corridor arrangement provides sufficient exiting capacity.

Dated at Toronto this 21 day in the month of October in the year 1993 for application number 93-15-371.