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Land Use Planning Administrative Flow Charts for Municipal Staff

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The following flow charts and supporting materials are designed to assist municipal staff through the process of giving notice, forwarding materials to the approval authority and forwarding a record to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). 

A series of flow charts for the official plan and official plan amendment process and the zoning/interim control/holding processes have been prepared.  In order to facilitate the use of the flow charts, certain steps in the flow charts reference links to the specific requirements of the legislation statue Planning Act or regulations.  These links have been included beneath each flow chart. 

The text of the Planning Act and regulations is available on the e-Laws website.

These flow charts and appendices are for information purposes only and were last updated in November 2010.  They should not be relied on as the authoritative text of the laws.  Official copies of Ontario laws can be accessed from the e-Laws website and can be found in the official volumes and office consolidation printed by ServiceOntario Publications.