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Provincial Policy Statement: Five-Year Review

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About the Provincial Policy Statement five-year review

The Planning Act requires that the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) be reviewed at least every five years from the date it is issued to determine the need for revisions.  

A review of the PPS, 2005 began in 2010 in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act. The review was completed in February 2014 with the release of a new policy statement.   

The Provincial Policy Statement, 2014 is the new statement of Ontario’s policies on land use planning.  It replaces the PPS, 2005. 

Extensive consultation

The PPS review involved extensive consultation with members of the public, municipalities, Aboriginal communities and organizations, and stakeholders. Formal consultation sessions were held during two phases — the first in the fall of 2010 and the second in the fall of 2012.  In the latter consultation, the government released draft PPS policies and sought input on whether the five-year requirement for a review of the PPS is appropriate or if a longer period is warranted.

The consultations included:

  • postings on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry (EBR Registry numbers 010-9766 and 011-7070)
  • distribution of consultation materials to stakeholders, Aboriginal communities, and all municipalities
  • 18 regional workshops held across the province in fall 2010 and fall 2012 for members of the public, municipalities, stakeholders, and Aboriginal communities and organizations
  • e-consultation (information and questionnaires were posted on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s website)
  • individual meetings with stakeholders, municipalities, and Aboriginal organizations

The ministry received more than 950 written submissions over the course of the review.

Partner ministry involvement

The PPS review was a multi-ministry initiative led by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. A review committee was established early in the process comprising staff from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the following ministries:

  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Economic Development, Trade and Employment
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Health and Long-term Care
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural Resources
  • Northern Development and Mines
  • Rural Affairs
  • Tourism, Culture and Sport
  • Transportation