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Planning Approvals and Complete Application

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Complete Application under the Planning Act

ss. 22(4) and (5), 34(10.1) and (10.2), 51(17) and (18), 53(2) and (3)

An official plan with an arrow pointing to a plan of subdivision, showing a connection for a complete application

Description of Complete Applications

  • Information and material requirements, prescribed in provincial regulations, exist for planning applications that are made to municipalities/planning boards or the Minister. To view these regulations, go to and type in the regulation number (e.g., 543/06).
  • In addition to the prescribed application requirements, municipalities/planning boards can establish their own list of required information or material needed to assess official plan amendments, zoning by-law amendments and subdivision/condominium and consent applications.
  • When a municipality/planning board requires additional information as part of a complete application, this must be identified in the municipality’s/planning board’s official plan policies.


  • When requiring additional information or material beyond what is prescribed by the Province for a development proposal, municipalities/planning boards must adopt official plan policies for complete application requirements.
  • Additional information or materials could include studies/reports required by provincial plans.

Potential Benefits

  • Enables municipalities/planning boards or Minister to make better informed decisions in a timely fashion, as the additional information needed to assess planning applications is provided up-front.
  • Permits municipalities/planning boards or Minister to require specific studies that are relevant to the proposed development (e.g., a stormwater management plan to manage the quality and quantity of runoff resulting from the proposed development).

Provincial Requirements for Complete Applications

For the full details of all provincial requirements for complete applications, refer to prescribed information set out in regulations under the Planning Act.

Examples of some of the prescribed information are identified below. These requirements may vary according to the specific application and their related regulation.

Contact Information

  • Name, phone number and address of applicant
  • Date of application

Application Details

  • Reason for request
  • Description of subject land
  • Sketch in metric units
  • Existing designation and zoning
  • Existing uses
  • Consistency with policies
  • Access
  • Water and sewage


  • Servicing Options Report
  • Hydrogeological Report
  • Archaeological Assessment

Examples of Municipally Required Reports/Studies for Complete Applications

Below are examples of various reports/studies that municipalities have incorporated in their official plan policies for complete application requirements. These are in addition to the provincial requirements for official plan amendments, zoning by-law amendments, subdivision/condominium and consent applications.


  • Land Use Compatibility Study
  • Population and Job Density Analysis
  • Affordable Housing Report/Rental Conversion Assessment


  • Traffic Impact Study and/or Transit Impact Study
  • Transportation Demand Management Options Report

Cultural / Heritage

  • Archaeological Assessment
  • Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment


  • Noise and Vibration Study
  • Slope Stability Study and Report

Urban Design

  • Height Survey of Adjacent Buildings
  • Sun/Shadow Study



  • Environmental Impact Study and Environmental Review Study
  • Air Quality Study


  • Retail Commercial Market Impact Study
  • Financial Impact Study

Did you know?

Many municipalities have already incorporated complete application requirements into their official plan policies.

List of Regulations of Provincial Requirements for all Complete Applications, made under the Planning Act:

Official Plans and Plan Amendments Regulation 543/06

Zoning By-laws Regulation 545/06

Plans of Subdivision/ Condominiums Regulation 544/06

Minister’s Zoning Orders Regulation 546/06

Minor Variances Regulation 200/96

Consents Regulation 197/96, as amended

To view these regulations, go to and type in the regulation number (e.g., 543/06).


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Note to User: This InfoSheet deals in summarized fashion with complex matters and reflects legislation, policies and practices that are subject to change. It should not be relied upon as a substitute for specialized legal or professional advice in connection with any particular matter and should not be construed as legal advice by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The user is solely responsible for any use or the application of this information. As such, this Ministry does not accept any legal responsibility for the contents of this InfoSheet or for any consequences, including direct or indirect liability, arising from its use.

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