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This webpage has been grouped into topic areas allowing you to browse resources by topic. Each resource also has a specific icon to indicate whether the resource relates to legislation, general information, guides, tools, technical information or provincial plans.

legislationlegislation, regulations and explanatory notes

generalgeneral information, Citizens’ Guides, e-learning modules, and case studies

Guideguides and handbooks to assist in understanding processes

toolstools, maps, GIS, 3D visualizations, and financial incentive programs

technicaltechnical information, reference manuals, standards / guidelines, and background studies

Provincialprovincial plans and related documents

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Guide Planning for Barrier-Free Municipalities (MAH) 
legislation The Planning Act and Accessibility (MAH) 


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Affordable Housing


general Affordable Housing (MAH) E-Learning Module 
general Affordable Housing- Housing Data: Affordable Housing 
Prices and Rents, 2006 (MAH)
Guide Municipal Tools for Affordable Housing handbook (MAH) 


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legislation Farming and Food Production Protection Act OMAFRA)
legislation Nutrient Management Act (OMAFRA) 
Guide Guide to Agricultural Land Use (OMAFRA)
technical Classifying Prime and Marginal Agricultural Soils and 
Landscapes: Guidelines for Application of the Canada Land Inventory in Ontario (OMAFRA)
Guide Draft Proposed Guide to Lot Creation in Prime Agricultural Areas (OMAFRA) 
Guide Lot Creation in Prime Agricultural Areas (MAH)
Guide Minimum Distance Separation – MDS (OMAFRA)
technical Guidelines for Detailed Soil Survey for Agricultural Land Use Planning (OMAFRA)
tools GIS Information and Maps (OMAFRA)
general Neighbour Relations (OMAFRA) 


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Appeals and Mediation


general Ontario Municipal Board Citizens' guide (MAH) 
general Making Mediation Work for You Citizens' guide (MAH) 


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general Taking Action on Brownfields - Addressing Barriers to Redevelopment (MAH) 
Guide A Practical Guide to Brownfield Redevelopment in Ontario (MAH) PDF File
general Brownfields Showcase  I & II (MAH) 
general Brownfield Redevelopment in Small Urban and Rural Municipalities (MAH) PDF File
Guide Financing a Brownfield Project (MAH)
tools Financial Tools for Brownfield Redevelopment (MAH) PDF File


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Clean Air, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy


legislation Green Energy Act (MEI) 
general The Green Energy Act information and resources (MAH)
general Building Strong Communities: Municipal Strategies for Cleaner Air (MAH)
general Building Strong Communities: Ontario Case Studies for Cleaner Air (MAH)
general Improving Air Quality (MAH)
general Energy Conservation, Efficiency and Supply (MAH)
Guide    Municipal Tools for Planning and Development Series – Wind Energy (MAH)
technical Interpretation for Applying Ministry NPC Technical Publications to Wind Turbine Generators (MOE) 


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Cultural Heritage and Archaeology

legislation Ontario Heritage Act, Part IV: Provincial Powers to Conserve Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest of Provincial Significance (MCL) PDF File
Guide Heritage Resources in the Land Use Planning Process (MCL) PDF File
Guide Eight Guiding Principles in the Conservation of Built Heritage Properties (MCL) PDF File
Guide Heritage Conservation Principles for Land Use Planning (MCL) PDF File
Guide Investing in Heritage: Municipal Tax Back Grants (MCL) PDF File
Guide Listing Cultural Heritage Properties on the Municipal Register (MCL) PDF File
general Why designate? (MCL) PDF File
Guide Designating Heritage Properties (MCL)
Guide Heritage Property Evaluation (MCL) PDF File
Guide Heritage Conservation Districts(MCL) PDF File
Guide Municipal Heritage Committees (MCL)
Guide Archaeological Management Plans (MAH)
general Association of Professional Archaeologists (APA) web page for an Updated List of Licensed Archaeologists (MCL)


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Environmental Assessment


legislation Environmental Assessment Act (MOE)


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General Information


legislation Strong Communities (Planning Amendment Act), 2004 - Bill 26 (MAH)
legislation Building Better Communities: Highlights of What’s New in the Planning Act (MAH)
legislation Summary of Key Legislative and Regulation Process Changes (MAH)
legislation Development Permit System - Explanatory Note (MAH)
legislation Updating Municipal Planning Documents - Explanatory Note (MAH)
legislation Transition Provisions - Explanatory Note - Bill 51 (MAH)
legislation New Provisions Supporting Sustainable, Well-Designed Communities - Explanatory Note (MAH)
legislation New Provisions to Protect Employment Lands - Explanatory Note (MAH)
legislation New Provisions to Protect Employment Lands - Explanatory Note (MAH)
legislation Appeal Body for Local Land Use Planning Matters - Explanatory Note (MAH)
general Linkages with other Provincial Initiatives (MAH)
general Zoning By-laws Citizens' Guide (MAH)
general Subdivisions Citizens' Guide (MAH)
Guide The Subdivision Process (MAH) PDF File
general Land Severance Citizens' guide (MAH)
Guide The Land Severance Process (MAH) PDF File
general How is planning different in Northern Ontario? Citizens' Guide (MAH)
general Building Permits Citizen's guide (MAH)
general Plan Review and Approval Process Citizens' guide (MAH)
general Ontario Building Code (MAH)

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Land Use Compatibility and Sensitive Land Use

technical Guideline D-1 Land Use Compatibility (MOE)  PDF File
technical Guideline D-4 Land Use On or Near Landfills and Dumps (MOE) PDF File
technical Landfill Sites Operational Guidance for Obtaining Environmental Protection Act Section 46 Approval for the use of Lands Previously used for Disposal of Waste (MOE) PDF File
technical Guideline D-6 Compatibility Between Industrial Facilities and Sensitive Land Uses (MOE) PDF File

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Mining, Minerals and Aggregates

technical Abandoned Mines Database – AMIS (MNDMF)
legislation Aggregate Resources Act (MNR)
general Aggregate Resource Inventory Papers (MNDMF) PDF File
technical Aggregate Resources Program Policy and Procedures Manual Under the Aggregate Resources Act (MNR)
technical Aggregate Resources Provincial Standards (MNR)
tools CLAIMaps (MNDMF)
general Geology Ontario (MNDMF)
tools Map of Geology and Selected Mineral Deposits of Ontario (MNDMF)
legislation Mining Act (MNDMF)
general Oil, Gas and Salt Resources (MNR)
general Ontario Geological Survey Maps and Reports (MNDMF)
tools OGS Earth (MNDMF)
technical Procedural Guidelines for Provincially Significant Mineral Potential Mineral Resources Assessments (MNDMF) PDF File


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Municipal Planning

general Official Plans Citizens'guide (MAH)
general Handbook: Municipal Plan Review and One Window Provincial Planning Service (MAH)
general Innovative Municipal Land Use Planning Practices (MAH)
general Intensification and Using Land Efficiently - E-learning module (MAH)
tools Community Planning and Development 3D Visualization Portal (MAH)
general Municipal-Aboriginal Relationships: Case Studies (MAH)
general Municipal Quality of Life for Economic Prosperity (MAH) PDF File
tools Municipal Readiness for Economic Development (MAH) PDF File
Guide Business Improvement Area Handbook (MAH)
Guide Community Improvement Planning Handbook (MAH)
general Comprehensive Review (MAH)
Guide Development Permit System (MAH)
general Presentation for the Development Permit System (MAH)
tools Municipal Financial Tools for Planning and Development (MAH) PDF File


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Natural Hazards

Guide Understanding Natural Hazards: Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River System and large inland lakes, river and stream systems hazardous sites. An MNR introductory guide for public health and safety policies)


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Natural Heritage, Endangered Species and Wild Life Habitat

technical Natural Heritage Reference Manual for Natural Heritage Policies (MNR)
Guide Identification and confirmation procedure for Areas of Natural and scientific Interest (MNR) 
technical Ecological Land Classification Primer (MNR)
legislation Endangered Species Act, 2007 (MNR)
legislation Endangered Species Act, 2007 - Species Specific Regulations (MNR)
technical Significant Wildlife Habitat Technical Guide and Decision Support System (MNR)
technical Fish Habitat Referral Protocol for Ontario - Canada, Ontario and Conservation Ontario (MNR) PDF File
technical Effects of hypoxia on scope-for-activity of lake trout: defining a new dissolved oxygen criterion for protection of lake trout habitat (MNR) PDF File


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Noise Assessments and Sound Level Limits

technical Noise Assessment Criteria in Land Use Planning (MOE) PDF File
technical Noise Assessment Criteria in Land Use Planning: Annex to Publication LU-131 (MOE) PDF File
technical Noise Assessment Criteria in Land Use Planning: Requirements, Procedures and Implementation (MOE) PDF File
technical Sound Level Limits for Stationary Sources in Class 1 & 2 Areas (Urban), NPC-205 (MOE) PDF File
technical Sound Level Limits for Stationary Sources in Class 3 Areas (Rural), NPC-232 (MOE) PDF File
technical Information to be Submitted for Approval of Stationary Sources of Sound, NPC-233 (MOE) PDF File
technical Sound Levels Due to Road Traffic - NPC-206 (MOE) PDF File

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Provincial Plans

legislation Places to Grow Act (MEI)
legislation Transition Regulation under the Places to Grow Act: Transition Matters 311/06 (MEI)
legislation Transition Regulation under the Places to Grow Act: Growth Plan Areas 416/05 (MEI)
Provincial Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (MEI)
Guide A Guide to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (MEI)
general Quick Reference sheet on the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (MEI)
general Brochure - Understanding the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (MEI)
general Built Boundary for the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (MEI)
Guide Size and Location of Urban Growth Centres in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (MEI)
technical Planning for Employment in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (MEI)
general Urban Form Case Studies (MEI)
general A series of intensification visualization images on Places to Grow website (MEI)
general Image Bank (MEI)
Provincial Central Pickering Development Plan (MAH)
Provincial Greenbelt Plan (MAH)
technical Technical Definitions and Criteria for Key Natural Heritage Features (MNR)
technical Technical Definitions and Criteria for Significant Woodlands in the Natural Heritage System of the Protected Countryside Area of the Greenbelt Plan (MNR)
technical Technical process for the identification of significant habitat of endangered, threatened and special concern species in the natural heritage system of the protected country side area of the Greenbelt Plan (MNR)
legislation Niagara Escarpment Planning and Development Act (MNR)
Provincial Niagara Escarpment Plan (MNR)
Provincial Proposed Growth Plan for Northern Ontario (MEI)
Provincial Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan (MAH)
technical Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan: Technical Paper Series 2006/07 (MAH)
technical ORMCP Technical Papers (MAH)
technical Identification of Key Natural Heritage Features (MAH)
technical Significant Wildlife Habitat (MAH)
technical Supporting Connectivity (MAH)
technical Landform Conservation (MAH)
technical Identification and Protection of Vegetation Protection Zones for Areas of Natural & Scientific Interest - ANSI, Life Sciences (MAH)
technical Identification of Significant Portions of Habitat for Endangered, Rare and Threatened Species (MAH)
technical Identification and Protection of Significant Woodlands (MAH)
technical Preparation of Natural Heritage Evaluations for all Key Natural Heritage Features (MAH)
technical Watershed Plans (MAH)
technical Water Budgets (MAH)
technical Water Conservation Plans (MAH)
technical Hydrological Evaluations for Hydrologically Sensitive Features (MAH)
technical Sub-watersheds - Impervious Surfaces (MAH)
technical Wellhead Protection – Site Management and Contingency Plans (MAH)
technical Recreation Plans and Vegetation Management Plans (MAH)
technical Sewage and Water Systems Plans (MAH)
technical Stormwater Management Plans (MAH)
Provincial Parkway Belt West Plan (MAH)
technical Simcoe Area: A Strategic Vision for Growth, Technical Paper (MEI)

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technical Guideline D-5 Planning for Sewage and Water Services (MOE)
Guide Reserve Sewage System Capacity For Hauled Sewage - PPS Fact Sheet (MOE)


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legislation Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act – amended (MTO)
general Planning for Railway Safety Information Sheet (MAH)
general Ministry of Transportation – Municipal Planning Interests (MTO)
general Guidelines for Municipal Official Plan Preparation and Review (MTO)
Guide A Guideline For Highway Improvements Associated With Development (MTO)
Guide General Guidelines for the Preparation of Traffic Impact Studies (MTO)
Guide Stormwater Management Requirements for Land Development Proposals (MTO)
general HOV Network Plan (MTO)
Guide Transit-Supportive Guidelines (MTO)
Guide A Guide to Preparing a Transit Ridership Growth Plan (MTO)
technical GTA West Corridor Environmental Assessment (MTO)
technical Niagara to GTA Corridor Planning and Environmental Assessment Study (MTO)
technical 427 Transportation Corridor Environmental Assessment (MTO)
technical 407 East Environmental Assessment (MTO)
technical Interprovincial Crossing Environmental Assessment: Ottawa – Gatineau) (MTO)
technical Brantford to Cambridge Environmental Assessment Study (MTO)
technical Detroit River International Crossing Project (MTO)


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legislation Ontario Water Resources Act (1990) and Associated Ontario Regulations, as amended, in 2007 (MOE)
technical Permit to Take Water Manual (MOE)
Guide Guide to Permit to Take Water Application (MOE)
technical B-1-2 Water Management - Policies, Guidelines, Provincial Water Quality Objectives (MOE)
technical Guideline B-6 - Guidelines for Evaluating Construction Activities Impacting on Water Resources (MOE)
legislation Safe Drinking Water Act (2002) and Drinking Water Regulations (MOE)
legislation Clean Water Act (MOE)
legislation Conservation Authorities Act - Generic Regulation Reg. 97/04 (MNR)
Guide Understanding Stormwater Management: An Introduction to Stormwater Management Planning & Design (MOE)
Guide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Handbook (MOE)
technical Stormwater Management Planning and Design Manual (MOE)


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