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Land Use Planning resources

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Resources on this page are grouped into topic areas and are of various types: case studies, guides, guidelines, information, legislation, plans and tools.

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Important for you to know

  • Clicking on some resources will take you to other ministry, government agency or external websites where the information is posted
  • The resources are intended to provide you with general information only and are not an interpretation of any act.


Type Link to resource
Handbook Planning for barrier-free municipalities (MMA)
Infosheet The planning act and accessibility (MMA)


Type Link to resource
Guidelines Classifying Prime and Marginal Agricultural Soils and Landscapes (OMAFRA)
Legislation Farming and food production protection Act, 1998 (OMAFRA)
Guidelines Guidelines for detailed soil survey for agricultural land use planning (OMAFRA)
Guide Minimum distance separation (MDS) formulae (OMAFRA)
Legislation Nutrient management Act, 2002 (OMAFRA)

Appeals and mediation

Type Link to resource
Guide Citizens' guide #6 - Ontario municipal board citizens' guide (MMA)
Guide Citizens' guide #10 - Making mediation work for you (MMA)

Clean air, energy conservation and renewable energy

Type Link to resource
Information Energy conservation, efficiency and supply (ENERGY)
Legislation Green energy Act, 2009 (MOECC)
Information Improving air quality (MMA)
Information Planning for electricity infrastructure (ENERGY)

Cultural heritage and archaeology

Type Link to resource
Information Archaeological management plans (MMA)
Information Designating heritage properties (MTCS)

Environmental assessment

Type Link to resource
Legislation Environmental assessment Act (MOECC)

General information

Type Link to resource
Guide Citizens' guides (MMA)
Information Ontario building code (MMA)

Mining, minerals and aggregates

Type Link to resource
Legislation Aggregate resources Act (MNRF)
Tools CLAIMaps (MNDM)
Legislation Mining Act (MNDM)

Municipal planning

Type Link to resource
Guide Citizens' guide #2 - Official Plans (MMA)
Case study Municipal-aboriginal relationships: Case studies (MMA)
Tools Municipal financial tools for planning and development (MMA)

Natural heritage, endangered species and wild life habitat

Type Link to resource
Legislation Endangered species Act, 2007 (MNRF)
Guide Natural heritage reference manual (MNRF)
Guide Significant wildlife habitat guide (MNRF)

Provincial plans

Type Link to resource
Plan Greenbelt Plan (2017) (MMA)
Plan Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2017 (MMA)
Plan Growth Plan for Northern Ontario, 2011 (MMA)
Plan Niagara Escarpment Plan (2017) (MNRF)
Legislation Niagara escarpment planning and development Act (MNRF)
Plan Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan (2017) (MMA)


Type Link to resource
Guidelines Corridor management guideline (MTO)
Guidelines Guidelines traffic impact studies (MTO)
Guidelines Guidelines for municipal official plan (MTO)
Legislation Public transportation and highway improvement Act (MTO)


Type Link to resource
Legislation Clean water Act, 2006 (MOECC)
Legislation Conservation authorities Act (MNRF)
Guide Drinking Water Source Protection - Implementation resource guide (CO)
Legislation Ontario water resources Act (MOECC)
Legislation Safe drinking water Act 2002 (MEOCC)


CO= Conservation Ontario
ENERGY= Ministry of Energy
OMAFRA = Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
MMA= Ministry of Municipal Affairs
MNDM = Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
MNRF = Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
MOECC = Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
MTCS = Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport
MTO = Ministry of Transportation


The Planning and Application Resource Centre (PARC) contains resources and information relating to various aspects of the Ontario land use planning system. As the information in the resource centre deals in summarized fashion with complex matters and reflects legislation, policies and practices that are subject to change, this information should not be construed as legal advice. The resource centre should also not be relied upon as a substitute for specialized legal or professional advice in connection with any particular matter. The user is solely responsible for any use or application of this information. As such, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs does not accept any legal responsibility for the contents of the resource centre or for any consequences, including direct or indirect liability, arising from its use.