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Opportunities for Municipal and Public Engagement Provided Through the GEA

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The Government of Ontario recognizes that achieving our common interest in making Ontario a renewable energy leader depends on our ability – as provincial ministries and other regulatory bodies, as municipalities, and as a community - to work together to address the challenges we face. Ontario is committed to working with municipalities and other partners as we move forward.

The new framework for renewable energy projects provided through the GEA provides clear provincial rules and transparent decision-making, creates certainty for stakeholders and proponents, and establishes consistent technical requirements across Ontario by prescribing consultation requirements through provincial regulation.

Under the Renewable Energy Approval Regulation, a proponent of a renewable energy project will have to consult with the following local interests prior to being able to submit a complete submission:

  • Municipalities and local boards;
  • Members of the public; and
  • Aboriginal communities.

Further details of the new approvals framework for renewable energy projects, including other prescribed requirements, can be found by clicking on the appropriate link: Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources.