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Homeowners and businesses can play a significant role in meeting Ontario’s overall energy strategy and helping ensure the safe and reliable supply of electricity to all Ontarians.  Recognizing this, the GEA allows renewable energy projects or sources to be designated by regulation for the purposes of: 1) eliminating potential barriers, and 2) supporting individuals and businesses interested in taking advantage of certain renewable energy technologies – such as solar panels - to help meet their energy needs.   

For those projects or sources which are designated by regulation, and subject to any exceptions which may be identified in this regulation, municipal by-laws and other legal instruments (condominium by-laws, encumbrances on real property and agreements) are rendered inoperative to the extent that they prevent or restrict activity with respect to the designated projects or sources.

Municipal by-laws (other than by-laws under the Planning Act – see above) continue to apply to those renewable energy projects or sources which are not designated by regulation under the GEA.