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Related Links

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The pages listed below provide further information on municipal governance and restructuring. They were created by or for organizations other than the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and those organizations are responsible for the information contained within their respective sites. These sites might not be available in French. Any specific comments or inquiries regarding these sites should be directed to the host organization.

Natural Resources Canada - Geomatics Canada
The Canadian Geographical Names Data Base (CGNDB) contains some 500,000 records, over two-thirds of which are currently official names, as approved by the Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names (CPCGN), a federal agency. It is the fundamental national data base which provides official names for mapping and charting, gazetteer production, World Wide Web reference, and other geo-referenced digital systems.
This web site provides lots of information on how municipal governments work in Ontario and references other resources. The web site is produced by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO).

This web site, hosted on behalf of the Legislative Assembly, provides access to the consolidated laws of Ontario including specific statutes or regulations. The site includes reference tables that indicate recent changes in the law. A link is available to the Legislative Assembly's web site to access bills.

The Ontario Gazette
This site makes weekly issues of the Ontario Gazette available in PDF format, starting from January 2000. Each issue will appear here exactly as it does in the print form, which is published every Saturday, and you may print off any pages that you require. In the Gazette you will find two general types of information: Notices and Regulations.

The Changing Shape of Ontario
An exhibit produced by the Archives of Ontario that provides background information on changes to Ontario's borders. Includes maps, tables and further links to information on provincial and municipal boundary changes.