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Municipal Restructuring Activity Summary Table

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Produced by the Local Government Policy Branch, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

The Municipal Restructuring Activity Summary Table is maintained by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and updated whenever municipalities restructure. It reports municipal restructuring activities, such as annexations or amalgamations, since 1996. Since the mid-1990's, amalgamations have reduced the number of municipalities from 815 in 1996 to the current number of 444.

Most restructuring decisions were developed locally or by commissions appointed in response to local requests and implemented through restructuring orders. The Municipal Restructuring Activity Summary Table provides the names of the former and newly-restructured municipalities, the effective dates of the restructuring order, and the dates the orders were published in the Ontario Gazette. The table also contains information about restructuring through specific legislation, e.g. the City of Toronto, Haldimand County, the City of Hamilton, the City of Ottawa and the City of Greater Sudbury.