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Review Timelines for Development Permit Applications

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The Development Permit System (DPS) expedites and facilitates development by establishing faster timelines for review of applications. Review timelines for development permits are 45 days, as compared to 120 days for a decision on an application to amend the zoning bylaw or 30 days for site plan. If after 45 days from the submission of a complete application, council, or its designated delegate, has not made a decision on the matter, the applicant has the right to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board.

While review timelines for development permit applications are reduced, the following features of the DPS facilitate the ability of municipalities to undertake a faster review:

  • Public input and appeals are focused at the front-end of the process, not at the development permit stage, reducing the likelihood of delays

  • The system combines three processes that normally occur separately (zoning, site plan and minor variance) into one application/approval, streamlining the process

  • Municipalities are able to request that additional information and material be included in applications, ensuring that all the information is provided to make informed and timely decisions

  • Development standards are clearly identified in the official plan and development permit bylaw, facilitating faster reviews

  • Municipal councils may delegate decision-making authority to a committee appointed by council or to a municipal employee meaning that applications are not delayed because of busy council schedules

  • DPS policies and bylaws are flexible in that they offer ranges and variations of acceptable standards, which facilitates decision-making.