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Benefits of the Development Permit System for the Community and Landowners

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Benefits for the Community

Communities can benefit from the development permit system (DPS) in a number of ways.

  • The up front, policy-led process of the DPS:
    • Promotes strategic, integrated and long-term planning
    • Provides certainty, transparency and accountability for the community and other parties on the land use vision for a particular area
    • Reaffirms and supports the importance of the community’s land use vision once the system is in effect as any changes to the standards for development require community input and participation and are subject to appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board.
  • The DPS offers municipalities a number of options, including the ability to set a range of conditions on approvals that may minimize potentially negative effects of development and enhance environmental protection. The DPS also provides municipalities with enhanced authority to consider exterior design of buildings and the accessibility of a development proposal, and the ability secure streetscape improvements such as landscaping, street furniture and bicycle parking facilities. These tools can help create a sense of place and character based on the community’s vision.

Benefits for Landowners

The Development Permit System (DPS) has important benefits for all parties in Ontario’s land use planning process.

In addition to providing benefits to municipalities and the broader community, the DPS also provides important benefits to individual landowners. The DPS:

  • Promotes investment and facilitates development by significantly reducing the time required to obtain approvals

  • Reduces the number of applications required and eliminates potential duplication in the process

  • Can reduce the need for amendments to the bylaw by incorporating a range of variation which can be permitted to development standards

  • Maintains a similar level of certainty for landowners as exists with zoning in key areas such as permitted uses, development standards, and appeal rights

  • Increases the clarity and transparency of the land use planning system by requiring the municipality to declare the standards for development up front in the official plan policies and development permit bylaw

  • Allows similar appeal rights for all parties (as under zoning), when the official plan policies and the development permit bylaw are being established or changed

  • Facilitates development as only the applicant of a development permit can appeal a decision or non-decision on an application to the Ontario Municipal Board.