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City of Toronto Act, 2006

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On January 1, 2007 the City of Toronto Act, 2006 came into force, setting out a broad, permissive legislative framework for the city that gives it more tools commensurate with its size, responsibilities and significance.

The City of Toronto Act brings about a legislative framework for Toronto that balances the interests of the province and the city. Toronto’s council is now better able to respond to the city’s needs.

The city has broad powers to pass by-laws on matters ranging from health and safety to the city’s economic, social and environmental well being, subject to certain limitations.

City by-laws can better deal with the financial management of Toronto and the accountability and transparency of its operations.

The act helps to ensure that the city is accountable to the public and that the processes for making decisions are transparent.

The City is better able to determine the appropriate mechanisms for delivering municipal services, determine the appropriate levels of municipal spending, and use fiscal tools to support the city’s activities.