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MPMP is a performance measurement and reporting system that promotes local government transparency and accountability. It also provides municipalities with useful data to make informed municipal service level decisions while optimizing available resources.

All Ontario municipalities are required to report MPMP efficiency and effectiveness measures for services provided by their municipality. Thirteen service areas are included in the 2012 program:

  • drinking water
  • fire services
  • land use planning
  • libraries
  • local government
  • parks and recreation
  • police
  • roads
  • solid waste
  • storm water
  • transit
  • wastewater
  • building services

Municipalities are required to report MPMP results to the province through the Financial Information Return by May 31st following each reporting year. Municipalities must also publish results for local taxpayers by September 30th using a format of their own choosing. Municipalities may use the optional templates provided by the Ministry for local reporting.

Building services have been added to the list of MPMP service areas for the 2012 reporting year.