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The Learning Centre

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The Learning Centre contains guides, handbooks, info-sheets and training materials on a variety of Ministry topics to meet your information needs.

If you require alternative version of a document please contact us.

Guides, Handbooks and Toolkits

A Guide to Municipal Accountability, Transparency and Confidentiality in Ontario Cover

A Guide to Municipal Accountability, Transparency and Confidentiality in Ontario deals with complicated matters in a summarized fashion, and key details may not be included.

Development Permit System - A handbook for Municipal Implementation Cover

Development Permit System - A Handbook for Municipal Implementation assists municipalities and others in establishing a Development Permit System in their community.

Life Lease Resource Guide

Life Lease Housing Resource Guide provides consumer information about life lease housing, an increasingly popular housing choice primarily for older adults who are able to live independently.

Municipal Tool for Affordable Housing Cover

Municipal Tools for Affordable Housing demonstrates why affordable housing is of community-wide importance, with positive benefits related to economic competitiveness, health, education and overall well-being.

Our Region, Our Community, Our Home Guide

Our Region, Our Community, Our Home is a discussion guide for the Co-ordinated Review of the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Niagara Escarpment Plan, Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan and the Greenbelt Plan. The guide describes the plans, highlights important policy issues and sets out questions we hope to address during the review.

Planning for Barrier-Free Municipalities Cover

Planning for Barrier-Free Municipalities gives suggestions for municipalities to develop barrier-free policies and options that will suit their local circumstances and resources.

PPS 2014 Cover

Provincial Policy Statement 2014 - Under the Planning Act provides direction on matters of provincial interest related to land use planning and development, and promotes the provincial “policy-led” planning system.

Redeveloping Social Housing in Ontario - A Provincial Guide and Perspective - Cover

Redeveloping Social Housing in Ontario: A Provincial Guide and Perspective This guide aims to provide information from a provincial perspective to Service Managers and housing providers looking to redevelop their social housing projects.

Revitalizing and Refinancing Social Housing - How Do You Get There - Cover

Revitalizing and Refinancing Social Housing: How Do You Get There The guide highlights the importance of strategic planning for revitalization and refinancing of social housing. This is a companion guide to “Redeveloping Social Housing in Ontario: A Provincial Guide and Perspective".

The Community Improvement Planning Handbook 2008 Cover

The Community Improvement Planning Handbook 2008 will help municipalities with their community improvement policies and plans.

Municipla Councillor's Guide 2014 Cover

The Municipal Councillor's Guide provides up-to-date information on municipal governance, finance and land use planning. It is a reference tool to learn more about municipal roles and responsibilities.

Info and Fact Sheets

Planning ActTools to Support Intensification and Sustainability. A brief overview of the key Planning Act tools that can support intensification, economic development and sustainability.

Planning for Community Design provides an overview of Planning Act tools that can help municipalities link good community design with economic growth and competitiveness.

Planning for Intensification provides an overview of keyPlanning Act tools that municipalities can use to facilitate and direct land use intensification through compact form, increased density, redevelopment and infill.

Planning for Climate Change gives an overview of Planning Act tools that can help municipalities address climate changes by planning for more efficient and sustainable communities.

Supporting the Greenbelt Plan: Planning Act Tools provides information on enhanced tools in the Planning Act that are available to municipalities and could be used to further the vision and policy objectives of the Greenbelt Plan.

Transit-Supportive Land Use Planning provides an overview of key Planning Act tools that municipalities can use to support and facilitate transit-supportive land use planning and development.

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The Learning Centre Disclaimer

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) believes that the material in these Learning Centre (TLC) pages may be helpful to municipalities and the public. TLC has been prepared for educational purposes. Municipalities are responsible for making local decisions, including compliance with any applicable statutes or regulations. As the resources and information on TLC pages deal in summarized fashion with complex matters and reflect legislation, policies and practices that are subject to change, these resources should not be construed as legal advice. These resources should not be relied upon as a substitute for specialized legal or professional advice in connection with any particular matter. Although these resources have been carefully prepared, the user is solely responsible for any use or application of them. MMAH does not accept any legal responsibility for the contents of the Learning Centre or for any consequences, including direct or indirect liability, arising from its use.