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Financing a Brownfield Project

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There are a number of programs and tools in Ontario that may be used to help encourage brownfield redevelopment.

Many Ontario municipalities use special financial tools to offer incentives to encourage brownfield redevelopment in their communities. The power to offer incentives is regulated by section 106 of the Municipal Act, 2001.

Community Improvement Plans

Community Improvement Plans are used by municipalities to set out a municipal framework for the rehabilitation of existing built-up areas. They may also include municipal financial incentive programs related to land: for example, grants and loans, which may encourage and stimulate private sector investment in municipal priority areas. For more information, contact your local Municipal Services Office.

What is the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program?

The Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program (BFTIP) is an initiative of the government of Ontario to encourage the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfield properties.

BFTIP provides provincial education property tax assistance to match municipal property tax assistance for cleanup of eligible brownfield properties. Under the program, the province can cancel all, or a portion of the education property taxes of a property for up to three years.

How do I apply?

If you are a brownfield property owner interested in the BFTIP, contact your local municipality. Municipalities apply on behalf of property owners.

Overview of Application Requirements

Application Form - The municipality must fill out an application form for each subject property it proposes to receive education property tax assistance.

Proposed Municipal Tax Assistance By-law - The proposed municipal tax assistance by-law must include the details of the municipal property tax assistance to be offered to brownfield property owner(s) over a given time period.

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) – The municipality must include a copy of the relevant CIP, and the by-law adopting it, enabling the municipality to provide municipal property tax assistance.

Program Information and Document Requirements – A variety of other information requirements apply such as confirmation of participation by upper-tier municipalities (if applicable), current assessment information, and estimates of the tax assistance to be provided.

Where do I get more information?

The nearest regional Municipal Services Office is your contact for information about the BFTIP.

Resources, Related Programs and Links

  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities - Green Municipal Fund (GMF) was established to stimulate investment in innovative municipal infrastructure projects. The Fund supports partnerships, leveraging both public and private sector funding to encourage municipal actions in such areas as: sustainable community planning, solid waste management and brownfields redevelopment.

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