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Greenbelt Protection

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Ontario’s Greenbelt 

February 28, 2016 marks the 11th anniversary of the world’s largest permanent greenbelt.

Protecting nearly 2 million acres of valuable land and water, the Greenbelt supports healthy communities across the Greater Golden Horseshoe by curbing urban sprawl and preserving our agricultural lands and natural heritage. Its woodlands are natural carbon sinks that clean our air and fight climate change. Its wetlands and moraine support our clean water systems. Farms on the Greenbelt supply dairy, pork, beef and poultry products, as well as fresh fruit, vegetables and wines for local and export markets.
“The Greenbelt supports our plans for a prosperous and sustainable Ontario. It is a key part in our government’s efforts to protect the environment and fight climate change. Its protection of agricultural lands ensures we can grow our own food for generations to come. The Greenbelt is one of the greatest contributions our generation has made to the future of Ontario.”

— Ted McMeekin, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing