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Minutes: Greenbelt Council Meeting, October 30, 2017

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777 Bay St., Toronto, Boardroom 14A

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

In Attendance

Greenbelt Council

Laura Taylor (Interim Chair)
Terry Daynard (teleconference)
Heather Konefat
Peter Lambrick
Cecil Louis
Alan Wells
Bill Winegard

Greenbelt Council Executive Coordinator -- Lynn Morrow

Regrets: Debbe Crandall, Kevin McLaughlin

Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Josh Arnold (Senior Policy Advisor, Minister's Office)
Laurie Miller (Director, Provincial Planning Policy Branch (PPPB))
Anna MacDonald (Manager, PPPB)
Carolyn Tudge (Team Lead, PPPB)
Teresa Liu (Assistant Planner, PPPB)
Eleni Mermigas (Co-op Student, PPPB)

​Ministry of Transportation

Tija Dirks (Director, Transportation Planning Branch)
Jin Wang (Team Leader, Provincial Planning Office)


Lisa Salsberg (Senior Manager, Systems Planning)


1. Agenda overview and review of draft September 18, 2017 meeting minutes

Moved by Heather Konefat and seconded by Cecil Louis the September 18, 2017 minutes of the Greenbelt Council were approved.

2. Metrolinx Draft 2041 RTP for the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area

Lisa Salsberg presented Metrolinx’s draft Regional Transportation Plan. Comments on the draft may be received until the end of November.

She explained that the RTP is a plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, although the GO Transit service area includes more but not all of the Greater Golden Horseshoe. She noted that the plan focusses on the opportunity to use bus services better (greater flexibility and fewer transfers) and that there is ongoing dialogue with provincial staff to ensure conformity with the Growth Plan.

Five strategies are detailed in the RTP:

  1. Complete delivery of current transportation projects
  2. Connect more of the region with frequent rapid transit
  3. Optimize our transportation system
  4. Integrate land use and transportation
  5. Prepare for an uncertain future.

Council noted that the objective of not impacting the Greenbelt, or minimizing the impact of transportation infrastructure on the Greenbelt, should be incorporated in the RTP.

3. Provincial 2051 long-term transportation plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Tija Dirks presented the working being undertaken to create a long-term transportation plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. She explained that the plan will reflect the transportation system across the GGH with an emphasis on multimodal, inter-regional transportation connections and needs with a focus on trade corridors and trade routes. The timeline to completion is currently early 2019, but could be affected by uncertain factors.

Jin Wang highlighted the online survey of GGH transportation plan draft goals and objectives.

4. Other business & communications

Laura debriefed members about her meeting with the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

Council members discussed actions taken by members in support of the Council's mandate since the last meeting.

Lynn will distribute a copy of the Greenbelt Council MOU with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to members.