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Land Use Planning

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Well-designed, well-planned communities attract jobs and investment. Ontario’s land use planning system gives municipalities the major role in planning decisions. The ministry identifies and protects provincial interests, and promotes sound infrastructure planning, environmental protection, economic development and safe communities.


Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review

Protecting water for future generations: Growing the Greenbelt in the outer ring

We are seeking input on a study area for a potential Greenbelt expansion to protect water resources in the outer ring of the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The study area is based locations with the highest concentrations of important water resources, such as moraines, cold water streams and wetlands that are under pressure from urban development.

Transforming the land use planning and appeal system

Beginning April 3, 2018, Ontario’s land use planning and appeal system has changed. The new Local Planning Appeal Tribunal has been established as the provincewide appeal body for land use planning appeals, and communities have been given a stronger voice in land use planning.

Planning and Application Resource Centre

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Welcome to Planning and Application Resource Centre (PARC) your source for information and tools related to the One Window land use planning service in Ontario.

This resource centre is brought to you by the One Window Provincial Planning Service,  a collaboration of seven provincial ministries. The resource centre is designed to make it easier for you to:

Popular Topics

Oak Ridges Moraine

Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan

An ecologically based plan established by the Ontario government to provide land use and resource management direction for the 190,000 hectares of land and water within the Moraine.

Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe was created in 2006 to guide how and where growth should occur, protect farm land and green spaces, and maximize the benefits of infrastructure investments in the fast-growing, diverse region.


Greenbelt Protection

Ontario’s Greenbelt is an area of permanently protected green space, farmland, forests, wetlands and watersheds.

Places to Grow

Places to Grow is the Ontario government's program to plan for growth and development in a way that supports economic prosperity, protects the environment and helps communities achieve a high quality of life across the province.  Through Places to Grow, we develop regional growth plans that guide government investments and policies.


Provincial Policy Statement

The Provincial Policy Statement provides direction on matters of provincial interest related to land use planning and development, and promotes the provincial “policy-led” planning system.

Growth Plan for Northern Ontario

The Growth Plan for Northern Ontario, 2011, is a 25-year plan that aims to strengthen the region’s long-term sustainability and prosperity.

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