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Current MAH EBR Registry Notices

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Current notices posted for public consultation on the Environmental Registry by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
  • MAH has posted the following notices on the Environmental Registry under the Planning Act and Building Code Act (related to septic systems):

    • a Proposal Notice for Bill 56, Brownfields Statute Law Amendment Act, 2001.

    • a Proposal Notice for a Regulation to amend the Ontario Building Code's septics provisions to mandate effluent filters in septic tanks and improve access to septic tanks to facilitate septic system maintenance and operation.

    • a Proposal Notice for a Regulation to establish a development permit system that selected municipalities can implement in pilot project areas.

    • an Exception Notice for an Act to: 1) advise the public that Bill 55, Oak Ridges Moraine Protection Act, 2001 received 3rd Reading on May 17, 2001; 2) provide the basic outline of the legislation; and, 3) advise the public that within the effective period of this proposed Act, there will be stakeholder consultations.