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Minutes: Greenbelt Council Meeting, July 5, 2017

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777 Bay St., Toronto, Boardroom 14A

10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

In Attendance

Greenbelt Council

Laura Taylor (interim Chair)
Terry Daynard
Cecil Louis
Alan Wells
Heather Konefat (teleconference)

Greenbelt Council Executive Coordinator -- Lynn Morrow

Regrets: Debbe Crandall, Peter Lambrick, Kevin McLaughlin, Bill Winegard

Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Laurie Miller (Director, Provincial Planning Policy Branch (PPPB)
Anna MacDonald (Manager, PPPB)
Allyson Switzman (acting Manager, Ontario Growth Secretariat (OGS)
Karyn McAlpine-Tran (Planner, PPPB)
Patrick Miller (Planner, PPPB)
Teresa Liu (Co-op Student, PPPB)

Ministry of Agriculture, Farming and Rural Affairs

Sharon Bailey (Director, Food Safety and Environment Policy)
Arthur Churchyard (Policy Advisor, Policy Division)

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Jason Travers (Director, Natural Resources Conservation Policy, teleconference)
Alan Dextrase (Biodiversity Conservation Policy Advisor)


1.  Agenda overview and review of draft May 8, 2017 meeting minutes

Moved by Cecil Louis and seconded by Alan Wells the May 8, 2017 minutes of the Greenbelt Council were approved.

2. Consultation on a draft Agricultural System in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Sharon Bailey, (Director of Food Safety and Environmental Policy Branch, OMAFRA) and Arthur Churchyard (Policy Advisor, OMAFRA) presented three resources that support the implementation of the agricultural system policies in the updated provincial land use plans to be consulted on:

  • Draft provincial mapping of the agricultural land base, created using draft consistent criteria. 
  • Web-based, draft Agricultural System Portal containing extensive draft mapping that can be used to identify existing agri-food assets and clusters, for economic development purposes. The maps are proposed to also inform Agricultural Impact Assessments. 
  • Draft Agricultural System Implementation Procedures to provide information on economic and development tools and strategies that could be used by municipalities and others to implement the Agricultural System policies in their communities.

3. Discussion on the proposed Natural Heritage System for the Growth Plan area of the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Al Dextrase (Biodiversity Conservation Policy Advisor, Natural Heritage Section, MNRF) presented the proposed Natural Heritage System, which would be subject to the Growth Plan’s natural heritage system policies. 

The draft Natural Heritage System and the draft Agricultural System are posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry for public consultation until October 4, 2017.

4. Other business & communications

  • Reappointments
  • Summer tour
  • Revised work program

Council adopted its 2017 work program as revised. Lynn Morrow will follow up with staff on upcoming appointments, and she will canvass for fall meeting dates.