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Potential Changes to Ontario's Building Code

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Consultation on proposed Changes to Ontario’s Building Code

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is seeking input from the public and industry stakeholders on changes for potential inclusion in the next edition of the Building Code.

The consultation, which will extend from July 14 to September 29, will include proposed requirements to support the implementation of the government’s Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP). To support CCAP, we are seeking input on proposed requirements that would reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the building sector through changes to the Building Code.

Review the Executive Summary of this Consultation

Ontario’s Building Code is typically reviewed every five to seven years. In addition, interim amendments to the Building Code are made between editions to reflect technological advancements, support government priorities and address emerging issues. 

Steps to Submit Comments

  1. Review the Executive Summary of the proposed changes.
  2. Review the complete Overview of the proposed changes.
  3. Give us your feedback on:
    1. The Technical Code Change Proposals for the next edition of the Building Code. 
    2. The discussion questions to improve the Building Code in the long term.

Closing date: September 29, 2017

Other Ways to View the Proposed Building Code Changes and Provide Feedback

You also have the option to view the proposed Building Code changes and submit comments on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry, or the Regulatory Registry.

All comments will be considered regardless of the method chosen.

Please remember to include the following on each comment form:

  • your name
  • whether you are responding on behalf of yourself or an organization

Questions about the consultation process, collection of information and access to the consultation document may be sent by emailing us or by mailing us at:

2017 Next Edition Building Code Consultation
c/o Building and Development Branch 
Ministry of Municipal Affairs
16th Floor - 777 Bay Street
Toronto Ontario  M5G 2E5

Telephone: 416-585-6666

Notice Regarding Collection of Information

Personal information provided in responses to Building Code consultations is collected under the authority of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Act for consultative purposes and for contacting you should we need to clarify your response to this consultation. Responses to consultations (minus addresses, where provided) may be shared with provincial and national building and fire code development committees. Questions about the collection of personal information may be submitted to the email or mailing address noted above.

Organizations and Businesses

Comments or submissions made on behalf of an organization or business may be shared or disclosed. By submitting comments you are deemed to consent to the sharing of information contained in the comments and your business contact information. Business contact information is the name, title and contact information of anyone submitting comments in a business, professional or official capacity.


Personal contact information will be used only to contact you and will not be shared. Please be aware that any comments provided may be shared or disclosed with provincial and national building and fire code development committees once personal information is removed. Personal information includes your name and personal e-mail address.