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Building a Career in Municipal Government

Municipal Management Internship Program

2010-11 Interns - Municipal Intership Program
Now in its sixth year, the Ontario Municipal Management Internship Program was developed by the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO), in partnership with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH), to address the critical need to attract and train the next generation of competent, well-rounded municipal leaders. The Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FedNor) is also a contributing partner.

To date, 46 interns have participated with many now working in senior positions in the municipal sector across Ontario. The program has expanded and is accepting more interns this year.

Municipal Finance Internship

Municipal Finance Intern - Cathy Dziedzic
The Municipal Finance Internship Program is run by the Municipal Finance Officers’ Association of Ontario (MFOA), in partnership with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Now in its fourth year, the Municipal Finance Internship was developed to attract and train the next generation of municipal finance leaders for Ontario’s local government sector.

Here is what some interns and municipal staff have to say about their experiences participating in the internships:

Chief Administrative Officer Raymond Callery, of recent host municipality Greater Napanee, says, “The comprehensive, year long program allows interns to accelerate their careers. Mid and upper level municipal management positions normally require five years of municipal experience, yet program interns are finding these types of positions upon graduation.”

Former intern, now Legislative Specialist, Curtiss Law of the Region of Peel says, "The Internship is the most important tool for bridging your academic experience into a practical management position with a municipality. My participation in the Municipal Internship Program both began and accelerated my career."

Former intern Stephen O’Brien, now Manager of Projects and Support Services for the City of Richmond Hill says, "My time as an Ontario Municipal Management Intern gave me the 'on-the-job' skills that complimented my academic background. I worked on high priority, meaningful and needed projects with my host municipality that gave me concrete and measurable work experience. Needless to say, this knowledge has been a great benefit to me in my current role."

Municipal finance intern Cathy Dziedzic is working for the City of Windsor and says, “Through the internship pilot program, I was able to further develop my business skills and gain valuable municipal finance experience. This opportunity has provided me with the practical skills needed to launch my career in local government.”

The goal of the internships is to:

  • Attract and develop new leaders in the municipal administration and finance sectors and help them develop their skills and experience to be future leaders of Ontario’s municipalities.
  • Encourage more individuals to enter the local government field.
  • Offer recent graduates who are interested in a career in local government and municipal finance the opportunity to gain real life, practical experience and training with an Ontario municipality.
  • Help support the succession planning needs of the municipal sector, and the government’s ‘strong communities’ agenda.

Features of the Municipal Management Internship Program:

  • Interns are selected from university graduate and bachelor programs requiring at least three years of study in administration and municipal management, or related disciplines.  
  • Interns gain hands-on experience in most of the operational areas of a municipality, and have a mentoring relationship with the Chief Administrative Officer or other senior municipal official. Interns also follow a structured curriculum program and complete projects for the municipality.

Features of the Municipal Finance Internship Program:

  • Interns are selected from university graduate or bachelor programs, and college programs in public administration, commerce, finance, accounting, or related disciplines.
  • Work is focused on all aspects of municipal finance. Interns complete special projects for the Municipal Finance Officers’ Association of Ontario that can be shared with the broader municipal finance sector. Interns also have a mentoring relationship with the Chief Financial Officer or senior designate.

Length of Internships:

  • Participating municipalities hire interns full-time for a 12 month term starting in June or July of each year.

Benefit to municipalities:

  • Host municipalities receive a subsidy of $20,000 for each intern’s salary, plus $5,000 for the intern’s professional development.
  • The internships help address talent management strategies, specifically succession planning and recruitment needs.
  • Interns provide fresh ideas and perspectives that add significant value to a municipality.

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