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Minutes: Greenbelt Council Meeting, April 3, 2017

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777 Bay St., Toronto, Boardroom 14A

10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

In Attendance

Greenbelt Council

Laura Taylor (interim Chair)
Debbe Crandall
Heather Konefat
Peter Lambrick
Cecil Louis
Allan Wells

Greenbelt Council Executive Coordinator -- Lynn Morrow

Regrets: Terry Daynard, Kevin Mclaughlin, Bill Winegard

Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Kate Manson-Smith (Assistant Deputy Minister)
Laurie Miller (Director, Provincial Planning Policy Branch (PPPB)
Charles O'Hara (Director, Ontario Growth Secretariat (OGS)
Anna MacDonald (Manager, PPPB)
Shawn Parry (Manager, Municipal Services Division (MSD)
Carolyn Tudge (Team Lead, PPPB)
Stephanie Papadimitriou (Planner, PPPB)
Vanessa Bulfon (Co-op Student, PPPB)

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Jason Travers (Director, NRCPB)
Ala Boyd (Manager, NRCPB, teleconference)
Rob Pineo (Niagara Escarpment Program Team Lead, NRCPB, teleconference)


1.  Agenda overview and review of draft December, 9 2016 meeting minutes

Moved by Debbe Crandall and seconded by Cecil Louis the December 9th minutes of the Greenbelt Council were approved.

2.  Staff briefing on coordinated review

Charles O'Hara, Laurie Miller and Jason Travers updated Council members on status of the coordinated review

3.  Other Business & Communications

Council members held discussion In camera.