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Reviews of Certain Service Manager Decisions

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Subject: Reviews of Certain Service Manager Decisions

SHB - unchecked box Legislation/Regulation Release 16-08
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Section 157 of the Housing Services Act, 2011 (HSA) provides that a housing provider may request a review of such Service Manager decisions as are prescribed in the regulations.  Under s.155 of the HSA, each Service Manager is required to have a system for dealing with such review requests. 

Effective January 1, 2017, s. 138 of Ontario Regulation 367/11 is amended and a new s. 138.1 is added to:

  • Prescribe Service Manager decisions for which reviews may be requested by housing providers under Section 157 of the Act. Specifically, a housing provider is entitled to request a review of certain remedies exercised by a Service Manager in response to triggering events under Part VII of the Act. 
  • Provide that such a review will be conducted by an individual appointed by the Service Manager, who has been selected jointly by the Service Manager and the housing provider.  In the event that the Service Manager and housing provider cannot agree on an individual to conduct the review, the Service Manager must appoint a single individual from a list provided by the Minister.

In addition to the above, the general HSA requirements relating to the Service Manager’s existing review body (for rent-geared-to-income decisions) also apply to reviews requested by housing providers.

In the event that a housing provider requests a review, and the Service Manager and housing provider are unable to agree upon an individual to conduct the review, the Ministry will provide a list of individuals from whom the Service Manager must select. In such a case, please contact Erich Freiler, Manager, Infrastructure and Asset Management at 416-585-6193 or by e-mail at:  The Service Manager is responsible for retaining the selected individual. 

Thank you, 

Keith Extance