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Minutes: Greenbelt Council Meeting, May 9, 2016

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777 Bay St., Toronto, Boardroom 14A
10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

In Attendance

Greenbelt Council

Peter Victor (Chair)
Debbe Crandall
Terry Daynard
Heather Konefat
Peter Lambrick
Cecil Louis
Alan Wells (teleconference)
Bill Winegard

Greenbelt Council executive coordinator -- Lynn Morrow

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Doug Tindal (Chief of Staff, Minister's Office)
Adam Redish (Director, Growth Policy, Planning and Analysis Branch)
Barb Konyi (Manager, Provincial Planning Policy Branch (PPPB))
Carolyn Tudge (Team Lead, PPPB)
Charles O'Hara (Manager, PAB)
Stephanie Papadimitriou (Planner, PPPB)


Kevin McLaughlin, Laura Taylor (Vice-Chair)



1.  Introduction of new members and vice-chair

Peter Victor introduced Laura Taylor as the new Council vice-chair and welcomed Heather Konefat and Peter Lambrick as new Council members.

2.  Other Business & Communication

This being Peter Victor's last meeting as chair of the Greenbelt Council, he remarked on the value of the Greenbelt Council, commitment of Council members and positive relations with ministry staff.  He noted how quickly his tenure -- which included six Ministers of Municipal Affairs, about 20 letters of advice including council's work program and progress reports, and 50 meetings -- had passed.

3.  Review of draft February 22, 2016 meeting minutes

Moved by Terry Daynard and seconded by Cecil Louis the February 22nd minutes of the Greenbelt Council were approved.

4.  Co-ordinated review update

Adam Redish and Barb Konyi briefed Council on the proposed plan amendments and the consultation to be launched Tuesday, May 10th.

5.  In Camera Discussion:  Advice on oversight body as recommended by Crombie Advisory Panel

After discussion of the options, Council agreed that Lynn Morrow will draft a letter of advice to the Minister which will be circulated for review by Council members before being finalized and signed by Peter Victor.