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Municipal Budgeting and Long-Term Financial Planning Tools

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Municipalities are required to comply with standards set by the Public Sector Accounting Board to account for all tangible capital assets and properly amortize them (depreciate their value over time) in their financial statements. 

An action group was created to help municipalities meet these requirements, following Ontario’s review of the Budget Matters regulation. 

The action group engaged with municipalities to develop best practices and guidelines, to support municipal budgeting and long-term financial planning. 

Municipal financial statements 

This common language guide to municipal financial statements provides examples of a municipality’s annual audited financial statements and explains key concepts.

Budgeting and surplus/deficit 

Learn about the internal budget planning process for municipalities including budget planning methods, types of budgets, financial statements and how surplus and deficit relate to budget planning and long-term financial planning. 

Unfunded liabilities 

Find out how unfunded liabilities apply to municipal budgeting and why they are important to financial planning.

Infrastructure investment

Learn about how an effective asset management plan can help municipalities identify infrastructure needs and make efficient use of infrastructure investments. 

Find out more about Ontario’s regulatory framework for municipal borrowing and why debt may be useful in financing long-term capital needs.  This case study helps illustrate how debt can be used to support long-term municipal infrastructure investment.

Engaging the community in municipal financial planning

Learn more about why it’s important for the public to be involved in their municipality’s financial planning processes and how Ontario municipalities have engaged residents.

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