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Potential Changes to Ontario’s Building Code

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Thank you for providing feedback on the proposed changes to Ontario's Building Code.

Please note that Phase One of this consultation closed on December 20, 2016. If you have any questions related to the consultation, please email:

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Ontario’s Building Code is typically reviewed every five to seven years. In addition, interim amendments to the Building Code are sometimes made between editions to reflect technological advancements, support government priorities and address emerging issues. 

This year, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs is seeking input from the public and industry stakeholders on changes being considered to the Building Code. This consultation will occur in two phases.

The first phase, October 21 to December 20, will include proposed interim amendments that support the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy update as well as changes that would form the next edition of the Building Code. In addition, we are seeking advice on preliminary changes the government should consider to improve energy efficiency and water conservation that could be implemented quickly and over time.

The second phase of the consultation will seek input on proposed requirements to support the implementation of the government’s Climate Change Action Plan

Phase One - proposed changes to Ontario’s Building Code

Overview of the proposed changes to Ontario’s Building Code
A summary of the proposed changes to the Building Code.

Please refer to this summary before reviewing the technical descriptions of the proposed changes.

Proposed technical Building Code changes 
Detailed technical descriptions that include current Building Code wording (if applicable), the proposed new wording, and a rationale for each change.