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1.3 Infrastructure

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1.3.1 Sewage and Water Systems Planning for sewage and water systems will recognize that:


  1. full municipal sewage and water services are the preferred form of servicing for urban areas and rural settlement areas. In areas serviced by full municipal sewage and water services, lot creation will be permitted only if sufficient reserve water and sewage plant capacity will be available to accommodate it;
  2. communal services are the preferred means of servicing multiple lots/units in areas where full municipal sewage and water services are not or cannot be provided, where site conditions are suitable over the long term; and
  3. lot/unit creation may be serviced by individual on-site systems where the use of communal systems is not feasible and where site conditions are suitable over the long term; but
  4. partial services will be discouraged except where necessary to address failed services, or because of physical constraints.

1.3.2 Transportation Transportation systems will be provided which are safe, environmentally sensitive, and energy efficient.

1.3.3 Transportation Corridors and Infrastructure Corridors Corridors and rights-of-way for significant transportation and infrastructure facilities will be protected.

1.3.4 Waste Management Waste management systems need to be provided that are of an appropriate size and type to accommodate present and future requirements, and will be located and designed in accordance with provincial standards and legislation.

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