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Implementation/ Interpretation

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1. The Provincial Policy Statement came into effect on the date of proclamation of Bill 20, and applies to all applications submitted after that date. Planning authorities "shall have regard to" the policy statement in making decisions on all applications submitted on or after the proclamation date, and to all applications which were commenced on or after March 28, 1995 and in respect of which no decision had been made on the date of proclamation. The Provincial Policy Statement replaces the Comprehensive Set of Policy Statements.
2. Section 75 of the Planning Act provides when an application is considered to have commenced and when a decision is considered to have been made for the purposes of this section. 2. Nothing in this policy statement is intended to prevent planning authorities from going beyond the minimum standards established in specific policies, in developing official plan policies and when making decisions on planning matters, unless doing so would conflict with any other policy. The Provincial Policy Statement is to be read in its entirety, and all pertinent policies are to be applied to each situation.

3. The Province, in developing and amending provincial plans, will have regard to these policy statements. Provincial plans, such as those adopted under the Ontario Planning and Development Act, 1994 or the Niagara Escarpment Planning and Development Act, which have been approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, will take precedence over policies in this statement.

4. These policies are to be applied in dealing with planning matters. Official plans will integrate all applicable provincial policies and apply appropriate land use designations and policies. Since the policies focus on end results, the official plan is the most important vehicle for the implementation of the Policy Statement.

5. Infrastructure may be authorized under legislation other than or in addition to the Planning Act. Other authorizing legislation may include the Environmental Assessment Act, the Ontario Energy Board Act, and the Ontario Water Resources Act. An environmental assessment process may be applied to new infrastructure and modifications to existing infrastructure under applicable legislation. The applicable policies would be considered as part of the evaluation conducted under the relevant environmental assessment process.

6. The Province, in consultation with municipalities, will identify performance indicators for measuring the effectiveness of some or all of the policies, and will monitor their implementation. Municipalities are encouraged to establish performance indicators to monitor the implementation of the policies in their official plans.

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