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1.2 Housing

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1.2.1 Provision will be made in all planning jurisdictions for a full range of housing types and densities to meet projected demographic and market requirements of current and future residents of the housing market area by:

  1. maintaining at all times at least a 10-year supply of land designated and available for new residential development and residential intensification;
  2. maintaining at all times, where new development is to occur, at least a 3-year supply of residential units with servicing capacity in draft approved or registered plans;
  3. encouraging housing forms and densities designed to be affordable to moderate and lower income households;
  4. encouraging all forms of residential intensification in parts of built-up areas that have sufficient existing or planned infrastructure to create a potential supply of new housing units available from residential intensification; and
  5. establishing cost-effective development standards for new residential development and redevelopment to reduce the cost of housing.

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