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3.1 Natural Hazards

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3.1.1 Development will generally be directed to areas outside of:

  1. hazardous lands adjacent to the shorelines of the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River System and large inland lakes which are impacted by flooding, erosion, and/or dynamic beach hazards;
  2. hazardous lands adjacent to river and stream systems which are impacted by flooding and/or erosion hazards; and
  3. hazardous sites.

3.1.2 Development and site alteration will not be permitted within:

  1. defined portions of the dynamic beach;
  2. defined portions of the one hundred year flood level along connecting channels (the St. Mary's, St. Clair, Detroit, Niagara and St. Lawrence Rivers); and
  3. a floodway (except in those exceptional situations where a Special Policy Area has been approved).

3.1.3 Except as provided in policy 3.1.2, development and site alteration may be permitted in hazardous lands and hazardous sites, provided that all of the following can be achieved:

  1. the hazards can be safely addressed, and the development and site alteration is carried out in accordance with established standards and procedures;
  2. new hazards are not created and existing hazards are not aggravated;
  3. no adverse environmental impacts will result;
  4. vehicles and people have a way of safely entering and exiting the area during times of flooding, erosion and other emergencies; and
  5. the development does not include institutional uses or essential emergency services or the disposal, manufacture, treatment or storage of hazardous substances.

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