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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequent Ask Questions

  1. Who is eligible to submit a project proposal to Ontario under the National Disaster Mitigation Program?
  2. Ontario will consider project proposals from any organizations that the province is permitted to collaborate with under the federal government’s guidelines. These include:

    • Municipalities, conservation authorities, and other public sector bodies,
    • private sector bodies,
    • band councils,
    • international non-government organizations, or
    • any combination of these entities.

    Please refer to the guidelines for specific definitions of eligible organizations.

  3. What methodology should Ontario applicants use for risk assessments?
  4. Applicants should use Ontario's methodology for Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, which is available on the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services’ website. If an alternative methodology is used, provide a rationale.

    Every municipality in Ontario is required to have a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. This document may be a useful source for completing the Risk Assessment Information Template.

  5. What are Ontario's natural hazard technical guidelines? How do I obtain copies? Where can I direct technical questions?
  6. Project proposals must conform to relevant natural hazard technical guidelines issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry:

    • Understanding Natural Hazards, which provides planning concepts for addressing natural hazards;
    • Technical Guide River & Stream Systems: Flooding Hazard Limit, which provides flood event standards and describes hydrologic and hydraulic work needed to conduct flood plain analysis and delineate flood prone areas; and
    • Technical Guide River & Stream Systems: Erosion Hazard Limit, which provides technical direction related to hazards associated with erosion and unstable slopes.

    To obtain an electronic copy of the relevant guide listed above, please contact us at

  7. How do I demonstrate municipal support for a proposal?
  8. Municipal support can be demonstrated with a letter of support from the affected municipality or municipalities (including regional governments). If a conservation authority plans to use a municipal levy to cover project costs, the letter must include the municipality’s support for the use of the levy funding mechanism.

  9. If my application is successful, how will funding work?
  10. Successful projects will be governed by funding agreements with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. These agreements will include monitoring and reporting requirements and a schedule for flowing funds based on project milestones.

  11. Is there a requirement to consult with Aboriginal peoples?
  12. Project proponents may be required to consult with Aboriginal groups that might be affected by the project, explain the project to these groups, including Canada’s role, and be required to report on:

    • a list of all Aboriginal groups contacted;
    • a summary of communications with the Aboriginal groups;
    • which groups support or object to the project, and whether their positions are final, preliminary, or conditional in nature;
    • a summary of any issues or concerns that the Aboriginal groups have raised;
    • an indication of how these issues or concerns have been or will be addressed.

  13. Are mapping projects that support the implementation of conservation authority regulations eligible for funding?
  14. Only applications related to municipal land use planning and flood mitigation are eligible. Projects related to 'regulatory limits' mapping to support the implementation of conservation authority regulations made under the Conservation Authorities Act are not eligible.

  15. My community is unable to afford the 50% of project costs not covered by federal funding. Can I still access the program?
  16. If you are proposing a small scale structural flood mitigation project, funding provided under the Formula-Based Funding component of the Ontario Communities Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) may be used to cost-match federal NDMP funding.

    Eligible capital expenditures under OCIF are limited to core infrastructure projects that are part of an asset management plan, such as water, wastewater, and storm water infrastructure. Risk assessments and flood mapping are not eligible expenditures under OCIF.

    For more information visit the OCIF website.