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2.1 Agricultural Policies

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2.1.1 Prime agricultural areas will be protected for agriculture. Permitted uses and activities in these areas are: agricultural uses; secondary uses; and agriculture-related uses. Proposed new secondary uses and agriculture-related uses will be compatible with, and will not hinder, surrounding agricultural operations.

2.1.2 Lot creation in prime agricultural areas is generally discouraged and will be permitted only in the following situations:

  1. new lots for agricultural uses may be permitted provided that they are of a size appropriate for the type of agricultural use(s) common in the area and are sufficiently large to maintain flexibility for future changes in the type or size of agricultural operation;
  2. new lots may be permitted for agriculture-related uses; and
  3. new lots for residential uses may be permitted for:

    1. a farm retirement lot;
    2. a residence surplus to a farming operation; and
    3. residential infilling.

Any new lot for residential uses will be limited to a minimum size needed to accommodate the residence and an appropriate sewage and water system.

2.1.3 An area may be excluded from prime agricultural areas only for:

  1. an expansion of an urban area or rural settlement area, in accordance with policy 1.1.1c);
  2. extraction of mineral resources, in accordance with policy 2.2; and
  3. limited non-residential uses, provided that:

    1. there is a demonstrated need for additional land to be designated to accommodate the proposed use;
    2. there are no reasonable alternative locations which avoid prime agricultural areas; and
    3. there are no reasonable alternative locations in prime agricultural areas with lower priority agricultural lands.

Impacts from any new non-agricultural uses on surrounding agricultural operations and lands will be mitigated.

2.1.4 New land uses, including the creation of lots, and new or expanding livestock facilities will comply with the minimum distance separation formulae.

2.1.5 In prime agricultural areas, agricultural uses and normal farm practices will be promoted and protected.

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