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Consultations on Small Landlords

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Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update

Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update [PDF]

The update to the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy recognizes the critical role that the private sector landlords play in providing a range and mix of housing options to Ontarians. The updated Strategy proposes a range of initiatives to encourage greater private sector participation in the development of affordable housing. One of these initiatives is to explore potential amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 to help small landlords, while maintaining strong protections for tenants.

The government values the role small landlords play in providing affordable rental choices. However, we have heard that small landlords face unique challenges with current processes that impact their decisions and ability to enter into, and stay in, the rental housing market.

In spring 2016 the government consulted on various proposals to help ensure that the system works well for both landlords who meet their responsibilities and tenants who act in good faith, leading to increased rental housing supply and options for tenants. In addition, we sought feedback on the effectiveness and fairness of the rent increase guideline rules. 

We have received extensive feedback on the proposals from tenants, landlords, stakeholders and other interested parties. The government is reviewing and considering all of the input received to inform any potential changes to the system.