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Questions and Answers

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Q. What is the Greenbelt Council?

The Greenbelt Act, 2005 requires the Minister of Municipal Affairs to establish a Greenbelt Council to provide the Minister with advice on the Greenbelt.

The Minister of Municipal Affairs appoints the members subject to the Public Appointments Secretariat.

Q. What does Greenbelt Council’s Memorandum of Understanding do?

The provincial government’s Agency Establishment and Accountability Directive (2010) requires all classified government agencies, including advisory agencies such as the Greenbelt Council, to have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

In 2011, an MOU between the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Greenbelt Council replaced the Council's terms of reference (2005). The MOU sets out the Council’s legal authority and mandate, as well as the accountability framework, roles, and responsibilities of the Ministry and Council. 

Q. What is the mandate of the Greenbelt Council?

The Greenbelt Council will provide advice to the Minister of Municipal Affairs on the Greenbelt.

The Council’s Memorandum of Understanding identifies what Council will provide advice on:

  • Land-use planning within the area defined as the Greenbelt by the Greenbelt Plan;
  • Any matters pertaining to the Greenbelt Act, 2005 or the Plan, as set out in subsection 15(3) of the Greenbelt Act, 2005;
  • Possible regulations to the Greenbelt Act, 2005;
  • Recurring policy or legislative issues that impact the implementation of the Plan;
  • The establishment of performance measures to track the effectiveness of the Plan in achieving its goals;
  • Any proposed amendments to the Plan and on the 10-year review of the Plan;
  • General policy matters arising from the Greenbelt that are not:
    • Matters being considered by other bodies (e.g. tribunals, courts, etc.), or
    • Site-specific issues pertaining to the Greenbelt Act, 2005, or the Plan policies and mapping; and
  • Any other such functions as may be specified by the Minister.

Q. How were the Greenbelt Council members appointed?

As required by the Greenbelt Act, 2005, members of the Council are appointed by the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

Provincial government appointments, including those made to the Greenbelt Council, are subject to the appointment process under the Public Appointments Secretariat.

All persons applying to serve on any government Agency, Board or Commission must apply through the Public Appointments Secretariat. All applicants are required to complete a personal and conflict of interest disclosure statement and are subject to screening checks.

This government is committed to a public appointments process that provides an open and transparent system for filling provincial agency positions. These individuals appointed to the Greenbelt Council are well-known and respected experts in their fields with a true dedication to the environment and protecting Ontario’s greenspace.

Q. Who are the members of the Council?

Dr. Laura Taylor (Interim Chair), Debbe Crandall, Cecil Louis, Kevin McLaughlin, Terry Daynard, Bill Winegard, Alan Wells, Heather Konefat and Peter Lambrick.

Find out more about the Greenbelt Council members.

Q. What is the background of the Council Members?

The members appointed to the Greenbelt Council are drawn from various sectors with interests in the Greenbelt. These interests include protection of sensitive environmental and agricultural lands, support for vibrant rural communities, and support for a range of opportunities for recreation, tourism and cultural activities in the Golden Horseshoe.

Q. What are the terms of the appointments?

 The appointments range between one (1) and three (3) years in length.

Q. How will the Greenbelt Council work with the other agencies and organizations (e.g. Niagara Escarpment Commission, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, and the Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation) operating within the boundaries of the Greenbelt?

The Council recognizes there is a need to endeavour to co-ordinate the activities of other organizations involved in the Greenbelt (e.g. Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, Niagara Escarpment Commission, Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation,) and may endeavour to facilitate the effective co-ordination of these activities. This could also include meeting with these bodies on a regular basis so that groups are aware of the work being done by others. In the past, there have been cross-appointments of members on the Council with the Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation and the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. Currently there is a cross appointment with the Niagara Escarpment Commission.

Q. What is the difference between the Greenbelt Council and the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation?

The Greenbelt Council and Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation are integral parts to the permanent protection of the Greenbelt.

The Greenbelt Council is a government advisory agency, which provides advice on the Greenbelt to the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

The Foundation is a non-profit body, independent from government, with charitable purposes, which funds greenbelt supportive activities.

Q. When does the Council meet?

The Council meets regularly as decided by its members.