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Modernizing Social Housing in Ontario

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As part of the updated Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy (LTAHS)  and transformation of the housing and homelessness system, Ontario has committed to modernizing its social housing system.   

What’s New

Ontario plans to work with partners to introduce policy, legislative, and regulatory changes to:

  • streamline and simplify rent-geared-to-income (RGI) calculations and administration 
  • support vibrant mixed-income communities and encourage a healthy mix of RGI and market rent tenants
  • recognize new and innovative forms of municipal housing assistance 
  • increase local flexibility to manage housing assets and meet local needs
  • develop a voluntary accreditation system that encourages sector sustainability and high-quality tenant services

Developing a Framework for a Modernized Social Housing System


Social Housing Modernization Technical Document

Download a printer-friendly version [PDF]

Ontario will convene a Social Housing Modernization Discussion Forum with stakeholders and partners ministries on the development of a framework for modernizing the existing program and social housing system. 

Key elements of a modernized social housing system include:

  • a modern program framework
  • a more coordinated access system for people in need
  • new approaches to financial assistance
  • a vibrant and innovative non-profit and co-operative housing sector 


A modernized system would have a couple of key outcomes.

  • More flexibility: Proposed changes would assist more individuals and families seeking housing assistance and make it easier for Ontarians to access a range of housing options to improve housing stability.
  • Reduced wait times: By increasing service providers’ flexibility and providing alternative options (like a portable housing benefit – see related fact sheet), people would be able to find and apply for the housing and supports they need more quickly and easily.