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Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance

The Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance program helps municipalities that have incurred extraordinary costs because of a natural disaster.

Eligible expenses may include capital costs to repair public infrastructure or property to pre-disaster condition, and operating costs over and above regular budgets that are necessary to protect public health, safety or access to essential services.

Costs are not eligible if they are covered by insurance or if they would have been incurred anyway had the natural disaster not occurred.

Program activation and delivery

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing makes the decision to activate the program based on evidence demonstrating that the event meets the eligibility criteria for Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance. The minister considers both the cause and extent of damage, along with the initial claim and supporting documentation provided by the municipality.

If the program is activated, the province and municipality enter into a grant agreement. All payments under the grant agreement are based on eligible costs actually incurred by the municipality as a result of the natural disaster.

Eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible for the program, a municipality must have:

  • experienced a sudden, unexpected and extraordinary natural disaster
  • incurred costs over and above regular budgets that can be demonstrably linked to the disaster. These costs must equal at least three per cent of the municipality’s Own Purpose Taxation levy
  • passed a resolution of council and submitted an initial Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance claim (with supporting documentation) within 120 calendar days of the date of the onset of the disaster

How to apply

Municipalities can request Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance guidelines, claim forms, and additional documentation from their Municipal Services Office.

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