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Eligibility caps

Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians is designed to help people affected by natural disasters get back on their feet by providing financial assistance for basic needs. Eligibility caps are set for certain items to reflect the cost of the item at a basic or standard model. Applicants may purchase the model of their choice for any of the items below, but the cap is the maximum amount that will be found eligible under the program. Applicants must provide evidence of loss and receipts.

Caps for household items are determined by comparing prices at retail outlets across the province for a basic or standard model. For each household item, up to ten comparable prices are used to determine the item’s median consumer cost.

Clothing assistance caps are based on providing a basic full set of essential clothes, including items such as: winter coat, boots, shoes, socks, underwear, sweaters, pants/ skirts, shirts and belt.

Eligibility caps are updated annually to reflect current prices.

Eligibility caps table

Bedrooms Eligibility cap
Bed linens (sheets, pillows, pillow cases, blankets, or bed-in-a-bag) $325
Bedroom suite (excluding bed) $425
Adult bed (mattress, box spring, frame) $800
Child bed (mattress, box spring, frame) $700

Kitchen/ dining area Eligibility cap
Dishes and cutlery (fewer than three people in household) $80
Dishes and cutlery (three or more people in household) $160
Table and four chairs (fewer than three people in household) $400
Table and six chairs (three or more people in household) $625
Small appliances (e.g., kettle, toaster, microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven) $300 (Max. $100 per item)
Kitchen miscellaneous (e.g., dish towels, kitchen cooking utensils) $80
Refrigerator $900
Stove / range $700
Freezer $500

Infant/ child essentials Eligibility cap
Infant essentials (e.g., bed/crib, pad, blankets,
mattress, playpen, stroller, car seat, high chair)
Booster seat for car $40

Bathroom essentials Eligibility cap
Curtains / blinds $30
Towels and toiletries (fewer than three people in household) $140
Towels and toiletries (three or more people in household) $220

Main gathering room Eligibility cap
Couch / seating (fewer than three people in household) $600
Couch / seating (three or more people in household) $1,000
Television $450
Main gathering room furnishings (e.g., tables, lamps) $300

Laundry/ cleaning room Eligibility cap
Household miscellaneous (e.g., broom, iron,
ironing board, mop, laundry supplies)
Vacuum $250
Clothes dryer $500
Clothes washing machine $500

Other household items Eligibility cap
Carbon monoxide detector (one per bedroom) $50
Landline phone (receiver unit) $40
Cellphone (physical unit – if no landline) $250
Dehumidifier $250
Computer hardware, software and peripherals $1,000
Essential Clothing $1,000/person
Food in long-term storage (e.g., deep freezer) $500

Evacuation and emergency living expenses Eligibility cap
Emergency accommodation (e.g., hotel) $120/night (4 persons)
Restaurant meals $40/person/day
Pets boarded to kennels $20/cat/day
Evacuation by own vehicle 40¢/km in Southern Ontario
41¢/km in Northern Ontario
Emergency clothing and personal care items $500/person