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Frequently asked questions (DRAO)

  1. What is the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians program?
  2. Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians is designed to help people affected by natural disasters get back on their feet.

    The program provides financial assistance to homeowners, tenants, small owner-operated businesses, farmers and not-for-profit organizations. It helps to cover emergency expenses and costs to repair or replace essential property after a natural disaster.

    The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing may activate the program in the event that a natural disaster such as a flood or a tornado affects a community. Ontarians can apply for assistance under the program if they are located in the area for which the program has been activated.

  3. Does Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians cover all costs related to natural disasters?
  4. No. The program provides partial financial assistance to return essential property to its basic function. The program also covers some emergency expenses such as evacuation costs.

    Here are some important things to keep in mind about Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians:

    • Financial assistance is limited to 90 per cent of an applicant’s total eligible costs.
    • The maximum amount of assistance available per application is $250,000.
    • Financial assistance is subject to a $500 deductible, which may be waived for low-income households.
    • Many emergency expenses, household appliances and furnishings are subject to caps on the eligible amount of assistance. Information about eligibility caps.

    The program is not intended to replace insurance coverage. Applicants will not receive financial assistance for costs that are covered by insurance.

  5. What kinds of documents are required to support a Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians application?
  6. Applicants are required to provide information demonstrating that damage was related to the natural disaster for which the program was activated. Some examples of documentation are:

    • receipts for items purchased to replace damaged property
    • receipts and/or invoices for disaster-related costs
    • photographs of damaged property
    • written logs of time spent on cleanup

    Claims adjustors may request to visit an applicant’s property for the purpose of assessing an application.

    Please note that failure to produce adequate supporting documentation may result in delayed payment or an unsuccessful application.

  7. What if I cannot work, lost my job, or lost income because of a disaster? As a small business owner, what if I experienced reduced sales or was unable to operate because of a disaster? Can I receive assistance?
  8. Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians does not cover wages, income, or revenue lost as a result of a natural disaster. The program covers essential costs related to repairing or replacing damaged property, and some emergency expenses such as evacuation costs.

  9. Does Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians have any special provisions for low-income applicants?
  10. Yes. If an applicant can demonstrate that his or her household income falls below a certain amount, the $500 deductible associated with each Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians application and the exclusion of sewer backup-related damage may not apply. You can find more information about provisions for low-income households here.

  11. Where can I find application forms and guidelines for Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians?
  12. You can find guidelines that include eligibility rules and helpful information for completing a claim here.

    If your community has recently experienced a natural disaster for which the program has been activated, you can also obtain these documents at your local municipal office.