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Community Hubs

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What is a community hub?

Community hubs bring services together in one place to make better use of public spaces to serve Ontarians.

A community hub can be a school, a neighbourhood centre or another public space that offers co-located or integrated services such as education, health care and social services. Each hub is as unique as the community it serves.

Strategic framework and action plan

Read the report with recommendations to guide the creation of community hubs and enable integrated planning.

Minister’s forums on integrated planning for community hubs

In fall 2015, a number of forums were held across the province to provide guidance on implementing this recommendation. Over 450 experts and leaders participated in these events to share their thoughts and ideas on how the government and its partners can better support the integrated planning of community-based services.

Read a summary of what we heard and learned.

Planning collaboratives: Learnings to support integrated planning and considerations for municipalities

We conducted intensive research into practices used by planning collaboratives – groups of local agencies or partners from different sectors that work together to plan services or address community problems. These collaboratives often take the form of networks, tables or committees.

Read about the success factors and barriers to various planning tools, mechanisms, synergies, and innovations used by planning collaboratives. This research may help inform future policy and supports for integrated local planning across the province.