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Consultation Policy

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1. Purpose:

1.1 The Building Code Commission (“the Commission”) will consult the public when it is considering significant changes to its guidelines, policies and procedures. The Commission is committed to meaningful consultation when considering changes that might have an impact on its stakeholders, including parties to hearings for which the Commission is responsible, and any other affected parties.

1.2 Consultation with affected parties is not shared decision-making. It is an integral component of the Commission’s approach to reviews of and improvements to its guidelines, policies and procedures.

2. Application and Scope:

2.1 This policy applies to: any changes to Commission guidelines, policies and procedures that may significantly affect how the Commission does its business, and so could, in the opinion of the Chair, have a material effect on the outcome of proceedings for stakeholders, applicants, other affected parties, and members of the general public; and to any other matter specified in regulations, or in directives of Management Board of Cabinet.

2.2 This policy does not apply to minor changes to clarify existing guidelines, policies and procedures. These include grammatical changes, minor updates to reflect changes in legislation or Commission location, and other changes to ensure that the Commission’s guidelines, policies and procedures reflect current Commission operating practices.

3. How the policy will be implemented:

3.1 The format, method and length of a consultation will be determined by the Chair, working with Commission members and staff, to design the consultation method most appropriate to the changes under consideration.

3.2 The Commission will notify stakeholders when policies and procedures affecting them come under review. The notification will outline the proposed change, proposed deadlines, and the method of consultation. The Commission will also post on its webpage an advance notice describing the consultation and the mechanism for feedback.

3.3 The process for notification, and the list of stakeholders to be contacted, will be determined by the Chair in accordance with the scope of the review.

After consultations are complete, the Commission will consider the views received before making a decision on the relevant changes to rules, policies or processes.

4. Review:

4.1.  The Commission will review this policy at least once every three years.