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Recruitment Statement

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Recruitment Statement

Appointments to the Building Code Commission (the Commission) follow a merit-based, competitive process that includes the following:

  1. A job posting advertising the details of a vacant member’s position on the Commission will be posted on the Public Appointments Secretariat website for a minimum of ten days excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The job posting will state the skills, knowledge, experience, other attributes and specific qualifications required for the position.

    The Commission’s Member Accountability Framework, which states the key functions and qualifications of members of the Commission, is available on the Commission’s webpage at

  2. Persons interested in seeking appointment to the Commission must apply through the Public Appointments Secretariat website at

  3. Applications received during the posting period will be reviewed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Chair of the Commission to assess the applicant’s qualifications for the position, based on the following criteria:
    • Experience, knowledge or training in the subject matter and legal issues dealt with by the Commission
    • Aptitude for impartial adjudication
    • Aptitude for applying alternative adjudicative practices and procedures that may be set out in the Commission’s rules.
  4. The Chair of the Commission, after assessing the applicant’s qualifications, will decide whether to recommend to the Minister that an applicant is qualified to be appointed to the Commission.

  5. Based on the recommendations provided by the Chair of the Commission and the results of any reviews, the Minister will make a final recommendation on appointments to the Lieutenant Governor in Council, for approval by means of an Order in Council.