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Average Market Rents in Ontario

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Average Rents

Rental units receiving funding under the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) or the Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario (IAH) program will have maximum rents set at or below the Average Market Rent as determined by the annual Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) survey. View 2017 CMHC Average Market Rents for apartments and row structures below.

Maximum Rents

Service Managers will set the average rent for all AHP or IAH-funded units in a project. Rents are required to be at or below 80 per cent of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Average Market Rent (AMR). Average rent for a project is calculated using the actual rents paid by tenants after factoring in rent supplement or housing allowance assistance. Other reasonable methods of achieving 80 per cent of CMHC AMR for a project will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Housing projects that include AHP, IAH-funded units and market rent units are possible, but only units with rents at or below the CMHC AMR can receive AHP or IAH funding.

In some Service Manager areas, maximum rents will be based on a Modified Ontario Works (OW) shelter allowance. The proponent is allowed to charge rents of up to 105 per cent of a modified OW shelter allowance, provided it does not exceed the CMHC AMR. In areas where 80 per cent of CMHC AMR is less than 105 per cent of a modified shelter allowance, the higher rent will prevail.

The 2017 CMHC average market rent and 2018 maximum rents by bedroom type for each municipality are shown below. These rents will be updated annually.